Light Armor – The Highs and Lows

From Clown to Mystic Ninja

This is a short post to show the variance in light armor equipment at lower levels. Some have discussed some letdown in the appearance of light armor options. I admit the Mesmer Masks can get a bit UGH.


This is what a friend described as my “Rape Clown” costume.

At a certain point in the BWE, my mesmer got an upgraded helm. I equipped this helm and discovered that it must have been taken off of some psycho carnival freak’s corpse. Yikes.

Mesmer attire

By the end of the stress test, I was pimping a svelte and more becoming look.

Eventually, right before my character was due to be deleted for the next BWE, I got a look that fit the way I played. Above, you see me in my hood and cloth gear, looking like a rogue mystical dueler. I am weilding a sword and pistol, ready to spawn clones and vanish in a bamf of butterflies.


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