New Combo UI?

Combo UI

Perhaps a combo attack from the Necro and their Guardian friend?

Cleansing Bolts

I’ve talked a bit about the cross profession combo system in Guild Wars 2. What I haven’t mentioned specifically is that the system, up until this point, didn’t really explain to you well what just happened. On a combo action, a player gets a simple, plain text flash on the screen saying “combo”.

The above image might be an updated Combo UI that is far easier to read and actually combo skill specific. If it is the new combo UI, I imagine Cleansing Bolts would be a light field/projectile combo attack. There was also a Retaliation notice of the same type within the video.

The image is taken from the PCGamer Dev Test stream from earlier today. You can check out the stream here:Twitch TV

(Image from the 1:44:12 mark in video.)



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