Ghostly Shootem-up

Duelist Damage

5k damage on medium armor…

Duelist Damage

…7k damage on final shot?


For some reason, when properly traited, the illusionary duelist is doing obscene amounts of damage in BWE2. I am posting these screens here to later reference them, This is 7k damage on medium armor with little to no cooldown on shots fired from the phantasm. The damage also seems to escalate with each hit. It maxes out at around 5k damage versus heavy armor.

I am not sure if this is an intended balance to the nerf of mind wrack and clone damage, or if something isn’t working properly. Either way, it’s been free wins in sPvP with the duelist build.


The combat numbers in these screenshots may just be an oddity created by the way combat text is currently displaying channeled skill damage. It seems some skills are having their multiple hits tallied up into one damage readout. I have also heard that combat text for channeled skills is just plain bugged and giving silly number readouts. Either way, Phantasmal Haste trait does seem to be out of whack and I farmed glory with these crazy phantasms until I got a nice little Greatsword and PVP outfit to feel a little different from all the other Mesmers.

Magical Greatsword

This Greatsword came from a Treasure Chest reward for reaching a new rank in PVP


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