The Adventures of Captain Kitty Face

Engineer Quicklook

I have heavily focused on the Mesmer in this blog, but I’ll begin looking at the engineer over the next couple of betas. Being that the Engineer is a new class and new concept to the fantasy MMO, these articles dealing with their gunpowder loving playstyle will be a bit more casual in approach. The fact is that I’ll have to learn the Engineer playstyle before commenting on how well it’s working. A man can’t base everything off of Team Fortress 2.

My first blog articles will be on the look of the Engineer and the general feel of the Engineer class. Following that, I’ll probably go into complexities and play needs/issues.


First things first: I can throw a shield.

Look, I like throwing shields. This isn’t even a Captain America thing. I never read that comic. I was an X-Men guy. I just like throwing shields like a boomerang. The Engineer lets me do that. It also lets me fire a battering ram at people. This is why the Engineer became my second class. For this playthrough, I will probably be sticking with the pistol and shield combo, just because of the useful shield skills. Of course, the Engineer is less weapon dependent and far more utility skill based. You don’t reach your utility skills right away in GW2, so the Engineer playstyle doesn’t really start to show until level 8. Before then, you’re just sort of a gun-toting nutball.

In honor of the Engineer’s craziness, I made mine a Charr with crazy looking eyes and goggles. Why? Why not.

Bare Chested Kitty Face

My Engineer blew up his clothes


Inside the Black Citadel

Captain Kitty Face comes home


Second Things Seconded?

I will be doing a PvP look at the Engineer as part of the first impressions and “general feel” post to come. Currently, the toolkits give the Engineer a lot of various feel, but it may be the case that they all sort of play alike. After the weekend, I’ll have more to say I hope.

I will say that Cap’n Kitty Face’s shield got a lot of compliments, but that will be saved for another post on the Peace Keeper Weapons. A quick look on those things: Asuran Awesomeness


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