Rata Sum 101: Geometric Splendor for Bookahs

Let’s Measure the Area

Wandering the Asuran capital city you will notice the repeated shapes and patterns of the city. You’re walking on hexagons, you’re chilling on an updside-down pyramid, or you’re staring down a pentagon shaped hallway. Everywhere you look, a triangle looms and angles align. So, I decided to do some screenshotting of the city with an emphasis on the geometric.

The skyline of Rata Sum lives under the oppression of triangles. Every corner of the main floor of the city presents you with a view of these pyramid-framed horizons.

gw2 2013-03-29 16-52-02-154 gw2 2013-03-29 16-51-27-083 gw2 2013-03-29 16-51-15-327

Triangles also appear in places not so overbearing with their architecture.

Here, two towers align along a pathway up one of the sea-floor buildings. The lines of the towers and the angle of the stairs create suggested triangles.

gw2 2013-03-29 17-10-08-788

Inside the city, hallways are triangles lined up within triangles.

gw2 2013-03-29 16-55-28-439

And below the sea, two masts on the Asuran sailboats meet to create another suggested triangular shape.

gw2 2013-03-29 17-08-55-634

Shapes within shapes are a big theme of the city. The dam meets the water as the meeting of two tetragons, and through the rectangular hexagon opening on a shipping boat, you can see the cubic grandeur of the city above.


gw2 2013-03-29 17-05-06-988 gw2 2013-03-29 17-07-42-904

One of my favorite examples of the use of geometric shapes in the city is the view from the sides of Rata Sum. Just beyond the crafting stations are these hexagonal openings. Looking out from the sides, you see the pyramid edges of the rest of the city. The lovely bit is that the plateaus to your right and left are the same shape you are standing in, only now it’s cut in half. An oblong hexagon sliced in half to create two quadrilateral kites and then each kite jutting out an angle from the hexagonal opening.


gw2 2013-03-29 16-53-47-079 gw2 2013-03-29 16-53-22-298

Of course this does-anyone-care-but-me discussion would not be complete without looking at the floor patterns. During this fictional photography adventure, I’d often raise my camera directly overhead to see the geometric shapes as flat floor patterns.

gw2 2013-03-29 16-55-04-936


gw2 2013-03-29 17-13-35-416

Such as this. The above may be my favorite shot out of all of these screens. Who wants to play with building blocks?

gw2 2013-03-29 16-56-44-527