Dragon Ballin

The recent. Dragon Bash update to Guild Wars 2 added a temporary PVP mode called Dragon Ball Arena. This Arena mode draws a lot of inspiration from Quake Arena style play, with an increase to player movement and a map filled with power-ups.

In Dragon Ball, your regular skills are replaced with a new bar of skills that you must unlock via the power-ups found on the map. The map itself has multiple layers and features jump pads that boost you up in the air and across the map. Dodge rolling into these pads will give you extra distance.

For the offensive side of the game, you start with only one skill, a basic fireball attack that does damage to other players. Succeeding at Dragon Ball relies on knowing the map, and getting the right power-ups. 

Your first aim in Dragon Ball should be to power-up your basic attack. The map consists of roughly four levels. At the very bottom level you will find health power-ups and the damage booster power-up that spawns at a certain point in the game. The second level features two tunnels on each side of the map that lead to a jump pad up to the third level. Behind these jump pads is where you will find the power-up for your basic attack. Getting here should be your top priority at the start of a match.

The second power-up you’ll want is the AoE attack that spawns on the third level of the map to the left and right of your spawn point. Due to this location, I normally start out each match hitting this power-up first and then dropping down to the second level to get the basic attack booster. To do this at the start of the match, make your way up from the starting area until you get to the first launcher pad. Instead of running straight towards the pad, move to your left or right towards the AoE power-up. If done right, this should launch you directly towards the power-up, and then you can quickly drop from the level to the entrance to the second level, run up the tunnel and gather your basic attack power-up.

This starting route represents one of the better movement loops in Dragon Ball. Inside the entrance to the second level tunnels is the spawn point for the 5 skill, a stomp and reflect that is probably the third best power-up in the game. You can run this loop over and over, alternating the tunnel you take on the second level to protect the #5 skill spawn. If you are taking damage, there are small health power-ups in the tunnel and larger health regens just below the spawn point and at the bottom level. You are the easiest to hit at the bottom level of the map, so be careful and quick. You can run around the bottom collecting the health regens, then pop back up to the second level and begin your loop again. 

Once you have the reflect skill, you can take advantage of choke points on the map. These include the hole and jump pad between the second and third level, the split before the two tunnel paths, and the ends of each bridges at the top level.

Of course, the best advice I can offer is to run with your teammates on the map as there is safety in numbers. However, the matchmaking and team swapping often leads to unbalanced teams and fights. In order to survive these situations, I have found leaning on this power-up loop path is my best tool for survival.

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